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Homes for children and youths without parental care

We believe that every child thrives in the security of a loving family home. An Udayan Ghar (home) is a group home that cares for abandoned, abused, orphaned children and youths in a compassionate and stable family environment. Each Ghar consists of about 12 children, with separate homes for boys and girls. The children are provided nutritious food, clothing, social and mental health services, extracurricular activities, as well as a high level of education. The close-knit group is nurtured by a committed team of caregivers including social workers, mental health care professionals, and Mentor Parents (long-term volunteers). Udayan Care focuses on the holistic development of children and youths — paying attention to their physical, emotional, social and psychological well-being.

Udayan Ghar Aftercare:

Upon turning 18 years-old, these young adults are not abandoned but rather supported through the Udayan Ghar Aftercare program until they become financially independent. They have access to free housing and continue to receive education, counselling, mentoring, livelihood assistance and mental health care. The program ensures a continuum of care even after they reach adulthood.

With access to these support systems, these youngsters develop into self-reliant, responsible, and well-adjusted citizens. In turn, they are inspired to make a positive difference in society. Established in 1996, today there are 13 Ghars spread across India.

Empowering girls through higher education

Shalini means dignified woman in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India.

The Udayan Shalini Fellowship (USF) is a five-to-six-year program that combines financial support, mentoring, and leadership development to empower underprivileged girls — after they’ve completed grade 10 — with their post-secondary studies or vocational training, helping them bloom into confident, independent, and self-sufficient young women.

In India, a high percentage of girls drop out of school upon reaching the 11th grade due to various social and economic barriers. The USF program intervenes at this stage to ensure that young girls from economically disadvantaged backgrounds can reach for their dreams and embrace their full potential.

The USF consists of a four-step process comprised of applications, written tests, interviews and home visits to assess the need for support. Disadvantaged but determined female students from government and government aided schools qualify for the program which enables them to continue their education at the post-secondary level.

Along with monetary support, Udayan Care takes a holistic approach in their development through various workshops; they get personalized guidance, capacity-building training and the necessary tools to flourish in their communities. The program also aims to instill a sense of social awareness. As they thrive, Shalinis are encouraged to help others and to give back to society.

Since its launch in 2002, the USF program has grown to 34 chapters across India.

Building livelihoods through digital literacy and skill development

The Udayan Care Information Technology program started in 2004, to empower youths in underserved communities through digital literacy, improving their livelihoods and opportunities for employment. The program provides young people courses including graphic design, e-accounting, desktop publishing and more. Students are also taught soft skills such as communication (speaking English), personality development, interpersonal and leadership skills through workshops and training sessions. Counsellors help prepare students for the professional world with mock interviews and guidance, eventually landing them job placements.

Today, there are 23 Udayan Care IT centres across India — with more than 50 percent of enrollees being women!

Skill Development Centres:

The Skilling program provides vocational skills to disadvantaged women who were not able to pursue a post-secondary education. These centres offer courses that can support the livelihood of women by training them in vocations that make them employable, so they can be financially independent. Some of the courses offered are: sewing, beauty therapy, jewellery-making, and basic digital skills. Udayan Care’s Skill Development Centres are located in the two states, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. 

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