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Udayan Care CANADA is a chapter of the Indian non-governmental organization, Udayan Care. The Canadian division is based in Toronto. The organization’s mandate is to advocate for the rights of orphaned children and youths in India.

Along with providing stable homes for this vulnerable section of Indian society, we empower underprivileged girls to aim for higher education, and offer deprived communities the tools to become self-sufficient.

The India office is  headquartered in New Delhi.

Many of these children have been abandoned or their parents have died. Some are runaways trying to flee abuse in their homes.

Children are sent to Udayan Ghars (homes) by Child Welfare Committees (CWCs) in India. Based on the Social Investigation Report Udayan Care submits, the CWC under whose jurisdiction a particular Udayan Ghar is located, gives Udayan Care guardianship of the orphans. Concerned citizens also refer children to Udayan Care. These children are then produced before the CWC and specific orders are obtained to take them in.

Poverty is a huge factor in the number of orphaned children in India — many parents cannot properly care for their kids. As a result, they end up on the streets where many children are trafficked and others are forced into child labour.

We will use contributions in accordance with our mission and programs; 85% of every dollar donated goes directly to the below initiatives:

1) Homes for children and youths without parental care.

2) Fellowships — Empowering girls through higher education.

3) IT & Vocational Training — Building livelihoods through digital literacy and skill development.

Udayan Care CANADA is in the process of acquiring registered charity status. Once it receives a charitable registration number, we will be able to issue tax receipts.