Udayan Care Team in India


Udayan Care CANADA is an offshoot of the Indian non-governmental organization, Udayan Care. The Canadian chapter is based in Toronto. We are committed to saving and transforming the lives of orphaned children and youths in India. We support gender equality and are dedicated to empowering women so they can be confident, independent and self-sufficient.

UC Canada has partnered with UC India to drive positive change in the lives of the impoverished.

A society where all young lives shine bright.

Providing nurturing homes for vulnerable children and youths,
empowering economically disadvantaged girls to aspire for higher education, and offering underprivileged communities the tools to become self-reliant.

Access. We believe all children should have the right to nutritious food, a caring home, and higher education.
Compassion. We treat everyone with kindness.
Excellence. We strive to do our level best in all of our work and endeavours.
Respect. We are fair and treat people with dignity; every voice matters.
Responsible. We take accountability for our actions and commitments.

Indian students running out through gates after school

There are an estimated 105 per 100,000 children in child care institutions (CCI) worldwide, according to UNICEF. Unfortunately, these institutions have damaging effects on children’s physical, social and cognitive development. The negative outcomes are due to several factors including the absence of a primary caregiver and minimum resources caused by the huge number of children in these large-scale establishments.

Many countries including India, are now taking efforts to reduce the number of children sent to CCIs and try to reunite them with their families whenever possible — in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children.

This highlights the importance and need for deinstitutionalization. Deinstitutionalization aims for less dependency on CCIs, creating family and community based care for vulnerable children. It works to prevent separation of children from their families through family strengthening and if separated, finding the most suitable options.

Udayan Care conceptualized the small group home model, which is called the LIFE model: Living In Family Environment. We believe every child should have the right to grow up in a loving, caring and nurturing family setting. And that’s the focus at Udayan Ghars (homes), where the UC team undertakes the holistic development of children and youths. 

Girl walking through a slum in Mumbai
Girl in Mumbai Slum

There are about 30 million orphaned and abandoned children in India who are in need of care and protection.

Help us give these vulnerable children a chance to thrive.

Picture of Nina Badwal from Udayan Care CANADA

Nina Badwal
(President & Executive Director)

Udayan Care CANADA was founded by Nina Badwal, who spent several months volunteering as a content writer for Udayan Care (India) starting July 2023. Nina was so inspired by the work her colleagues were doing for vulnerable children, youths and young women in India, she decided to continue her work for the NGO on a greater scale.

Previously, Nina worked for various Canadian news organizations including the CBC Toronto Broadcast Centre, CBC Windsor, CTV Ottawa, and Citytv Toronto. She received a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, a certificate in Radio & Television Production, and a diploma in Web Publications from Concordia University (Montreal).

Rina Badwal - Board member

Rina Badwal

Like her sister (Nina), Rina is passionate about promoting social justice and wants to increase human rights of children, youths and women in India. She aims to make a meaningful change in the lives of disadvantaged individuals — leaving a lasting, positive impact.

Rina is a diligent and dedicated public servant of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Concordia University, a diploma in Paralegal studies and a certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Seneca College (Toronto).

Picture of Udayan Care CANADA board member Shellisa Bhagwandin

Shellisa Bhagwandin
Board Member

Shellisa is a conscientious and hardworking law clerk who has spent a decade in the legal profession, ensuring the needs of her clients are always met. She has a passion for human rights and advocacy — improving and enriching the well-being of others.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in Law & Society from York University (Toronto) and Shellisa was awarded a diploma in Seneca’s Accelerated Paralegal program.

Picture of Udayan Care CANADA board member Taylor Maciver

Taylor Maciver
Board Member

Taylor is a committed Ontario Public Service employee, having worked at the Ministry of the Attorney General, the Ministry of Health and now making a difference at the Ministry of Long-Term Care and the Ministry of Seniors & Accessibility. She has always been passionate about helping the vulnerable and less fortunate members of our society and believes it only takes one person to make an impact.

She attended Grand Canyon University in Arizona and completed her last year at McMaster University (Hamilton), graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Taylor also obtained a certificate in Court Support Services from Durham College (Oshawa).

Dr. Kiran Modi
Board Member

Dr. Kiran Modi is the founder and managing trustee of Udayan Care (India). She started the NGO in 1994 after a personal tragedy — turning a time of darkness into a ray of sunshine for thousands of impoverished children and youths across India. Kiran-ji has spent three decades championing the cause of children who lack parental care. The humanitarian believes a strong family structure is vital for an individual’s emotional and physical well-being.

She has a PhD in American Literature from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Delhi. Read more about Dr. Kiran Modi at  https://udayancarecanada.org/udayan-care-turning-tragedy-into-triumph/.